In partnership with Concern to implement "Sustainable Livelihoods Improvement Project" in 34 villages in 6 communes of 3 districts in Pursat Province. The overall objective of this project is to increase food security, economic advancement and diversified livelihood options for extremely poor rural households (particularly smallholding farmers, landless, and women headed households in upland/mountainous areas; lowland/plains; and ‘floating’ areas) through improved access to, and control over, livelihood capitals. Read More...


Water Hygiene and Sanitation (WASH)

Conduct participatory village WASH assessments
- Communities mobilized on importance of stopping open defecation (CLTS) has been done in 4 villages located in Dobbat and Chumrum Siem villages of Sangkat Lolork Sar and Moat Prey, Sna Reach villages of Kampong Pur commune. 260 participants, 183 of whom were women)
- Participatory hygiene and sanitation promotion in communities
- Mobilizing social leaders to promote good hygiene and sanitation
- Hand Washing/village cleaning campaign day
- Local procurement and distribution of 170 clay water filters to 170 poorest households in 4 villages such as Dobbat and Chumrum Siem villages of Sangkat Lolork Sar and Moat Prey, Sna Reach villages of Kampong Pur commune
- Local procurement and distribution of 148 water jars to 148 poorest households in 4 villages such as  Dobbat and Chumrum Siem villages of Sangkat Lolork Sar and Moat Prey, Sna Reach villages of Kampong Pur commune


Emergency Response

Under Construction


Building Disaster Resilient Community (BDRC)

This process was full participation of 102 people, 60 of whom were women, coming from VA executive members, village chiefs, and VA memberships. (57 people, 37 of whom were women came from Cham Chas village, 105 people, 53 of whom were women came from Kam Ponglor and 45 people, 28 of whom were women came from Roluos Khang Kert village). The selection of the villages in order to disseminate information on rice bank establishment. The purpose of this was to mobilize the existing resources of the community members (cash, materials, equipment, and labor), establish by-laws/regulations, to identify criteria selection, and election for rice banks committees.

Provided 13,958 Kgs of rice to 153 families of 3 villages (5,053Kgs of rice to Cham Chas village with 55 of participated families, 5,030 Kgs of rice to 35 families of community members, and 3,875 Kgs of rice to 63 families of Kampung Lor village) and other materials support like: zinc, ground pole, nail, brick, sand, rock, balance, lock, and door connector, etc. Read More...


Improve Livelihoods of Poorest People (ILPP)

1.1. Project background: Promote the livelihood of extremely poor people

This project is the fourth step of the Environmental Protection and Development Organization (EPDO) that was supported by ACR/CA. It improved the livelihood of the poor and vulnerable people in the target areas by empowering them to manage their future and to have self-confident. To achieve this, the project improved the income generation of the families and the living standard of 133 target families, Thlork: 39 families, Preysrokum: 27 families, Wat leap: 35 families, Pteahsre: 13 families, and Outong: 19 families. The project provided basic need to the poor families and the discriminated families and the training about small scale business and capital for them to run their business and also the training about agricultural techniques. The project also helped to fix houses, support poor children to access schools and provide study materials and uniform to them and the community to establish self - help group. To enhance health condition and how to access public health service, the project collaborated with the local authorities and other stakeholders to raise awareness about health, sanitation and clean water and also health materials so that they can change their living behaviors. Also improve community capacity to raise laws and  other policies that are related to environment, natural resource protection, reducing the risk of disasters and women's and children’s rights, HIV/AIDS, rights to possess land and facilitated the community to raise village development plan to include into commune investment plan. Read More...



In partnership with USAID-HARVEST program to implement in 12 villages in 6 communes of 3 districts in Pursat Province. The major aims of this project are to alleviate poverty and support communities in natural resource management (NRM) based in Pursat Province. The project implements solutions which are divided into 2 sections - aquaculture and natural resource management. The aim of this is to (i) improve overall food security, (ii) capacity building of the civil society organizations regarding climate change, and (iii) build resilience in the event of natural disasters and other unpredictable events. This project is funded by USAID-HARVEST for the period of 18 months (October 2011 to March 2013) Read More...


Past Project

Building Resilient Communities Project (BRC)

Flooding is a seriouse problem during the rainy season within Pursat province. As a majority of population rely on agriculture whoe communitys can be devestated by the affects of flooding. EPDO has recently launched a projected aimed to tackel the devestaion, we do this by evaluating the most at risk areas and communes and providing

  • Building matterials for high ground comunity shelters
  • Information on predicted weather patterns
  • Floating gardens alowing crops to stay above water levels
  • Emergancy rice and food

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Office#326A, Street 103, Kbalhong village, Sangkat Pteas Prey, Pursat Town, Pursat Province, Cambodia

Tel : (855-52) 740 644

EPDO registered with Ministry of Interior of the Royal Government of Cambodia, Registration Number 494 Sor Chor Nor, dated on July, 06 1998



Environmental Protection and Development Organization, EPDO, is a non government / nonprofit organization which is not related to politics or any political party. EPDO was established in 1998 in order to take action in the face of negative natural resource management and environment. EPDO was also setup to improve the livelihoods of the poor and vulnerable in the Kingdom of Cambodia. EPDO was recognized and registered with the Ministry of Interior on 06th July, 1998, (No 494 S.Ch.N)


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