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It has been almost 13 years now since my appointment as the Executive Director of Environmental Protection and Development Organization (EPDO). During this time, I feel proud to say that through its many programmes, EPDO has raised community empowerment particularly in the poorest households and for the marginalized people in the targeted communities. EPDO's successes in the field have been because of our strong commitment, trained staff and meticulous planning and implementation of all our projects.

EPDO's main focus is in the areas of Environment Protection & Natural Resource Management, Food Security, Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR), HIV/AIDs Mainstreaming, and Gender Equality.

EPDO is certified by the NGO Good Project Practice (NGO GPP) of Cooperation Committee for Cambodia (CCC) (NGO Code Compliance Committee) for a 3 year period valid from August 12th 2009 to August 11th, 2012. This award means that NGO GPP recognizes and appreciates EPDO's efforts in complying with all minimum standards and being a role model NGO in Cambodia.

During the past year, EPDO has been able to achieve the main programmes as follows:

  • Community Forestry (CF): 23 CFs have been formed in Pursat Province.
  • Livelihood Improvement: This project was provided and supported for 32 VAs (Village Associations) in 6 Communes of 3 Districts in Pursat Province.
  • Community Fisheries (CFi): 2 CFi have been formed in Pursat Province.
  • Building Resilient Community (BRC): This project was supported for the target areas with the view of Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR). The following was accomplished:Eco-tourism: 1 eco-tourism site has been established in Pursat Province.
    • Small Canal Rehabilitation of 7.35 m length
    • 12 Wells
    • 8 Community Ponds
    • 2 Roads Constructed with 3.252 m lengths
    • 19 Rice Banks Created
    • Provided Purified Water and Water Jars
    • Strengthening the capacity of community members related to DRR.

EPDO works directly with the beneficiaries in the area of Food Security (Livelihood Improvement). Through our Livelihood programmes rice bank establishment to reduce the food shortage, the establishment of Saving Help Groups (SHGs), providing agriculture technical skill training which includes System of Rice Intensification (SRI), Integrated Farming System (IFS), canal rehabilitation through Cash for Work (CFW), providing grant support to run their businesses to ensure livelihood improvement are addressed.

EPDO undertakes initiatives of social protection to assist destitute families and marginalized people. Provision of pumping machines, wells, dams, and spillway etc. to over 2,976 families has been accomplished.Last but not least, it is important to remember that these achievements have been not possible without the constant support of Donor Agencies, donations from Charitable Organisations and Individuals and the hard work of many Volunteers (Both National & International).

We look forward to receiving such continuous and invaluable support from all of you to build on the achievements of the past and maintain to create methodology to fight poverty for the thousands of disadvantaged Cambodian people both women and children living in the remote areas.

Wishing all of you the very best,

Samreth Uth

Executive Director


Official Address

Office#326A, Street 103, Kbalhong village, Sangkat Pteas Prey, Pursat Town, Pursat Province, Cambodia

Tel : (855-52) 740 644

EPDO¬ registered with Ministry of Interior of the Royal Government of Cambodia, Registration Number 494 Sor Chor Nor, dated on July, 06 1998



Environmental Protection and Development Organization, EPDO, is a non government / nonprofit organization which is not related to politics or any political party. EPDO was established in 1998 in order to take action in the face of negative natural resource management and environment. EPDO was also setup to improve the livelihoods of the poor and vulnerable in the Kingdom of Cambodia. EPDO was recognized and registered with the Ministry of Interior on 06th July, 1998, (No 494 S.Ch.N)


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